Electric vehicles might not produce barking V8 soundtracks or whistling turbo thrust, but it doesn’t mean they are immune to aftermarket modification. Tuning specialist RevoZport has just come up with a subtle upgrade package for the Tesla Model 3. Could this be the first of such modifications for the 3?

The Tesla Model 3 is under hot demand at the moment. Tesla has more orders than it can fulfil, crunching out as many as it can every day. In 2018 the company built a whopping 139,782 examples, and they were only for the US market. Right-hand drive production is set to start this year, which is expected to send that number skyward.

To help spice up the electric mid-sizer’s character, RevoZport has devised two aero kit options. There’s the R-Zentric Model 3S Strasse Aerokit (shown in blue), and the R-Zentric Model 3R Aerokit (shown in red). Both of them give the otherwise clean-looking Model 3 a cool, street racer theme.

The 3S kit includes subtle side skirts, a front spoiler extension, a neat diffuser element for the rear, topped off with a discreet lip spoiler on the boot lid. Completing the look are a set of Klassen CS15-D alloy wheels. Buyers can select a range of finishes for the aero kit, including gloss, carbon fibre or matt finish.

As for the 3R package, this is a bit more serious. It includes a 15-piece bodykit, including a more aggressive front spoiler system with side winglets, pumped wheel archers, chunky side skirts, and a ground-hugging diffuser and splitter element at the back. An M3R GT wing sits on the rear deck for added downforce.

Like the blue 3S kit, the 3R also wears some aftermarket wheels. In the case of this show car, they are 21-inch forged aluminium units, helping widened the track width by 15mm. They wear 255 tyres on the front and 305 tyres on the back.

For us Australians, we’ll have to wait until later in the year before the Tesla Model 3 arrives. On Tesla’s local website it says right-hand drive production starts this year, but we suspect the first lot will be sent over to RHD markets in Europe. Still, it’s going to be an exciting year for the relatively new carmaker and for the mid-size premium sedan market.

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