About Us

Driving Enthusiast is an Australian motoring publication that celebrates the joy of driving. Driving doesn’t come without cars, though. So we set out to provide car news and new car reviews on vehicles that would be of interest to any driving enthusiast, whether it’s a daily driver, workhorse, weekend warrior, or a classic. We also provide coverage on the aftermarket side, including tuning and upgrading, and some motorsport.

We strive to get the facts right and we concentrate on attention to detail, performance testing, and specifications. Although, we aim to garnish this with a certain degree of lightheartedness and humour.

If you’d like to make an enquiry, or have a potential news scoop for us, or you’ve spotted a silly mistake in one of our articles, leave a comment in our comments section below every report, or head over to our contact page here.

The people behind Driving Enthusiast:

  • Brett Davis

    Brett started out as a motor mechanic, but eventually became frustrated working on cars that weren't his. He then earned a degree in journalism and scored a job at Top Gear Australia back in 2008, and then worked at Zoom/Extreme Performance magazines, CarAdvice, and started PerformanceDrive/PDriveTV in 2011 with Josh Bennis, and ran it for 12 years. He's now the owner and managing editor here at Driving Enthusiast.
  • Mitchell Jones

    Eccentric car nut and just as enthused by roasting an egg on the air cleaner of an old Hemi as he is hunting the horizon in a space-age electric supercar, Mitchell's passion for motoring started at a young age. He soon developed a meticulous automotive obsession for obscure facts. He joins Driving Enthusiast as a features writer and car reviewer, following a near 10-year stint at PerformanceDrive.
  • Josh Bennis

    Previous editor of Hot4s Magazine, Fast Fours Magazine and known as JBens ‘maad’ in the world of car festivals, Josh kicked off his love for car journalism some 20 years ago and it’s simply never left. While his real life car collection would suggest he’s all about Australiana, his virtual garage is filled with 911 GT3s, W140 S500s, and V10 BMW M5s. Always up for an adventure or to film a vlog in the back of nowhere, Josh brings enthusiasm and creativity to Driving Enthusiast. He was also a co-founder and contributor of PerformanceDrive.
  • Mark Davis

    Mark's fascination with cars originated long before he was allowed to get behind the wheel himself. To him, cars are more than just a mode of transport; especially the ones that adopt purposeful innovations while preserving the joy of driving. With a master's degree in IT, he brings a tech-savvy perspective to our car reviews, particularly as the automotive industry embraces digital advancements. Mark joins Driving Enthusiast as a road tester after more than a decade at PerformanceDrive.
  • Alexi Falson

    Alexi is a road tester and automotive journalist with a decade of experience, having worked for PerformanceDrive for eight years. He's got a deep love for the automotive world and enjoys industry analysis, as well as driver's cars and crazy exotics. He also enjoys the freedom of two wheels, and has a passion for mountaineering and surfing.
  • Max Power

    A motorsport tragic with a few thousand laps under his belt at some of Australia's top circuits, Max hasn't really slowed down with age, instead, he has chosen to continue to pedal cars far too quickly but now shares his findings with others. When he's not testing cars, he's sim racing; always scratching that driving enthusiast itch. Believe it or not, but his daily drive is an EV, which offsets the garage full of tow vehicles and racecars.
  • Lukas Foyle

    A former service advisor, workshop manager, paint and panel labourer, and barista (don’t ask), Lukas could never break away from working with cars, and now shares his vehicular seance skills as an automotive journalist. Lukas is also an automotive necromancer who loves to bring back cars from the dead.
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