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Nissan previews ‘R36’ GT-R with Hyper Force concept at Japan Mobility Show

Here it is. The all-new 2026 Nissan GT-R ‘R36’. Well, sort of. It’s actually just a concept car called the Nissan Hyper Force but it has just debuted at the Japan Mobility Show.

The Nissan Hyper Force is pitched as an “all-electric high-performance supercar” that’s designed to offer ultimate driving pleasure. You can see some GT-R traits in the design, such as the trademark twin circular taillights and similar C-pillar layout to the outgoing R35 (from the side profile).

Nissan says the exterior presents high aerodynamic performance, developed in part with the NISMO racing team. It offers “powerful” downforce, although, exact figures haven’t been mentioned.

One figure that has been mentioned though is the power. The fully electric setup produces a colossal 1000kW, sent through an advanced e-4ORCE all-wheel drive system. Acceleration figures haven’t been mentioned, but with a lightweight body comprising of carbon fibre, we’re sure it goes just fine.

Speaking of carbon fibre, even the wheels are made from the exotic material. They’ve been shaped to support aerodynamic and brake cooling benefit as well – check out those crazy fins.

Nissan says the concept offers just two driving modes, including R or GT. These alter the cabin environment completely, with the GT mode leaving a cool blue lighting theme and the R mode decorating the dash in racy red.

The four screens (yep, four) around the steering wheel also change to display appropriate information, like live wheel and tyre status in R mode. In GT mode, these display general details such as media and climate settings.

So, when can we expect to see it in showrooms? Nissan says the concept is its “vision for a next-generation all-electric high-performance supercar”. In other words, the R36 is likely to be inspired by this Hyper Force. No timing details have been confirmed as yet.

The concept is on display along side other EV concepts and innovative ideas from Nissan. It runs from October 26 until November 5.

Brett Davis

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