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2024 Porsche Panamera testing almost complete, debut confirmed for November

Four E-Hybrid powertrain options on the way, and new active suspension system

Porsche is putting the final touches on its 2024, third-generation Panamera ahead of its official debut, locked in for November this year. The new model will introduce a fourth hybrid option, with plug-in capability offering increased electric range and shorter charging times.

We spotted a few examples out on the Nurburgring earlier this year (video below), wearing disorienting wraps and decals. Take a close look at the headlights in the supplied images and you’ll see much of the headlight design is a sticker. On these prototypes anyway.

Porsche confirms the new model is undergoing final tests in Barcelona, Spain, focusing on the powertrains and a new PDK dual-clutch transmission. There’s also a newly-developed chassis and active damper control system being finalised.

Engineers have already completely extensive testing in the US, where the drivetrains endured extreme hot weather, as well as in high-altitude areas with low oxygen levels. Prototypes have also been put through gruelling tests in Scandinavia in freezing conditions, as well as through difficult road conditions in South Africa and high humidity in Asia.

Four E-Hybrid powertrains will be offered with the 2024-2025 Panamera, including a new plug-in hybrid and at least one V8 pairing (as confirmed by our spy video below). This is in response to customer demand, Porsche claims, with some market regions apparently seeing almost 100 per cent of Panamera orders consisting of a hybrid option.

Technical specs on the new plug-in option are yet to be revealed, but Porsche says its test drivers have reported driving up to 70 per cent further in EV mode than the predecessors.

This is helped by a bigger, 25.9kWh battery which can take in 11kW charging. Arno Bögl, project manager for drivetrain in the Panamera product line, said:

“I’m delighted with the progress we have made with electrification. The integration and combination of two drive systems in the Panamera works absolutely seamlessly and harmoniously. With the new drivetrains, the car radiates tremendous ease and reliability when accelerating.”

The other main upgrade for the 2024 Panamera is the introduction of an optional “high-end chassis” with active damper control. The new setup promises a wider range of addition functions. A semi-active, dual-chamber, two-valve air suspension system will come as standard. Thomas Friemuth, head of the Panamera product line, said:

“With the active chassis we are setting new standards. We could feel this on every meter of our test drives – very comfortable on the cobblestones in Barcelona harbour, and highly dynamic and agile on the winding country roads outside the city. An incomparably wide range.”

The third-generation Panamera will be unveiled at the Icons of Porsche Festival in Dubai, on November 24. Market entry in Australia is expected to commence in the second half of 2024.

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