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Singer Design creates another awesome 964 Porsche 911

Creating your very own project car can give you a bit of a headache. But once it’s all finished, the result is so rewarding it can bring you to tears. Another way to do it is pay for a company to do the restoration for you. And for classic Porsche 911 fans, there’s probably no better company than Singer Design, based in California.

The company has just unveiled its latest project and boy does it get the tastebuds tingling. It all starts with a 964 Porsche 911 donor car, which is then completely stripped and rebuilt in the Singer Design way. For this latest project the firm teamed up with Williams Engineering Group via a special Dynamics and Lightweight Study (DLS).

Through this study the boffins developed an incredibly light and stiff body made from cabon fibre. Yep, that iconic 911 body is made from carbon fibre. Digging deeper you’ll find magnesium and titanium is used for some of the suspension and chassis components, and even those ‘Fuchs’ wheels are custom made with forged magnesium.

Overall, the car weighs just 990kg. That’s light. Very light. And when you pair that with an awesome engine you’re left with an outstanding power-to-weight ratio which helps with driving agility and handling, straight-line performance, and even braking performance and economy.

So, what’s the engine? It’s a 4.0-litre naturally aspirated flat-six that develops 373kW. The unit was made in collaboration with Williams as well, featuring quad overhead cams, air-cooling, and an ear-pinching rev limit of 9000rpm. You can just imagine going for a Sunday morning blast in this, looking this good, and sounding amazing with a 9000rpm howl.

The interior is also completely custom, with exposed carbon fibre for the minimal-themed door trims, centre console with ultra-cool exposed gear shifter linkages, and a carbon fibre dash with modern climate controls and instrument dials. Speaking about the project, Craig Wilson, managing director of Williams Advanced Engineering, said:

“Being able to work with the classic Porsche 964, applying our expertise in aerodynamics, advanced lightweight materials and vehicle dynamics to optimise performance has been a tremendous opportunity. We are delighted that the restoration of these cars for Singer’s clients will take place here in Oxfordshire.”

Singer Design can restore your 964 to look and go exactly like this one. Of course, this does come at a cost but at least you don’t have to worry getting a headache over trying to fit parts, or find parts for that matter. We know what we’ll be dreaming about tonight.


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