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McLaren Speedtail confirmed as name for F1 / P1 successor

McLaren is planning an all-new hypercar, or hyper-GT car as McLaren labels it, and today the company has confirmed it will be the called the McLaren Speedtail.

The new model will essentially come in to replace the P1, which has since sold out, and the legendary F1. It’s been confirmed it will feature a three-seat cabin layout with a central driving position like the iconic McLaren F1. And like the F1, the Speedtail will offer a ridiculously high top speed.

McLaren says the new model will be capable of exceeding 243mph (391km/h), making it the fastest road-going McLaren ever conceived. It will achieve such speeds thanks to an advanced and (likely) very powerful petrol-electric hybrid powertrain.

Not only will it be the fastest McLaren ever, it is also being described by the company as the most luxurious McLaren ever, hence the ‘hyper-GT’ label. As such, it is also being pitched as the “ultimate road-going McLaren” to ever hit the showrooms.

Despite not even being revealed, McLaren is only planning to build 106 examples. And, unbelievably, all have already been sold. All were actually sold back in 2016, before plans for the new model even officially began. Every example will be personalised by McLaren Special Operations (MSO) so each version is a little bit different.

McLaren has been developing the Speedtail for a couple of years, under the codename MP23. Today it confirms it will unveil the new model before the end of the year. Speaking about the car in a statement, McLaren said:

“The next addition to the McLaren Ultimate Series will be both the fastest-ever (in a straight line) and the most luxurious McLaren. Featuring a three-seat cockpit design with a central driving position – the same layout as the F1 – and a petrol-electric hybrid powertrain, the McLaren Speedtail will deliver the unparalleled blend of extreme performance and sporting luxury that befits its status as the ultimate road-going McLaren.”

You can watch a quick video of the McLaren Speedtail name revealing below, with some hints of the body design shown. More details are expected to roll out over the coming months.


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