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Chevrolet Camaro does Hot Wheels edition for 50th anniversary

Remember playing cars as a kid? ‘Remember’? We still do. By far one of the most popular toy car brands was Hot Wheels, as they always seemed have good attention to detail and make the coolest models. Chevrolet knows this and has been cooperating with the brand for 50 years now.

And to celebrate, Chevrolet has come up with with Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary package. It can be applied – at the time of order – for buyers interested in the Camaro 2LT and 2SS, and Chevrolet will be showcasing the package at the SEMA show next week.

As you would expect, the Hot Wheels pack comes with cool racing stripes, in Satin Graphite, with 20-inch forged alloy wheels in matching colour. There are various other highlights in sinister darkened theme too, such as black badges and bodykit highlights.

Take a look inside and you’ll see some tributes to Hot Wheels, such as special sill plates that feature those cool orange car tracks, along with Hot Wheels badges on the front guards and on the back panel in between the taillights.

Other highlights for the Camaro Hot Wheels edition include embossed front seats, premium carpet mats with orange stitching, orange kneepads, and orange brake calipers all a head nod to the orange toy car tracks. There’s also some darkened taillights, a unique grille with Galvano chrome sections, and a jet black leather upholstery.

Chevrolet is offering the kit for $4995 (US) over and above the regular prices of the respective variants mentioned. Deliveries are penned in for the first quarter of 2018.


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