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  • Isuzu reviews2024 Isuzu MU-X - off road

    2024 Isuzu MU-X review – Australian launch (video)

    In a world where SUVs seem to multiply faster than rabbits, it takes more than just a bold exterior or a flashy badge to stand out. Enter the 2024 Isuzu MU-X. A vehicle that doesn’t shout its virtues from the…

  • Isuzu reviews

    2023 Isuzu D-Max X-Terrain review (video)

    With dual-cab ute popularity sky-high, every manufacturer has a ‘halo’ flagship up their sleeve, and you’re looking at Isuzu’s range-topper for the D-Max; the X-Terrain. It packs a hefty list of visual and interior upgrades, making for Isuzu’s ultimate family…

  • Isuzu

    2023 Isuzu MU-X review – LS-M & LS-T (video)

    We love comparing a base model head-to-head with a flagship variant – it’s the best way to find out where manufacturers are getting cheeky with their pricing strategies. Sometimes, all you need is the base model, while other times, especially…

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