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Are you looking for the best price on a new car?

Here at Driving Enthusiast, we’re all about driving. But more than that, we can help Australian driving enthusiasts buy a new car. We can potentially save thousands off your next new ride.

Our partners over at New Vehicle Group buy thousands of vehicles every year on behalf of car buyers just like you, giving you direct access to a vast dealer network, which spans every make and model on sale in Australia. There’s no need to pay the full price at a dealership, which often includes delivery charges and overheads. In fact, you don’t have to ever walk into a dealership.

It’s easy to get started. Simply let us know what new car you’re after and New Vehicle Group will find you the best price through their network. They can even have your new car delivered straight to your door, full of fuel.

Five key benefits of buying your car through New Vehicle Group:

– They will use their buying power to negotiate the best price – potentially saving you thousands
– They will save you the heartache and hassle of haggling with car dealers
– They will present you with the best price upfront first time around
– They can have your brand-new car delivered to your house, full of fuel
– You will get your very own personal consultant to help you through the process

Best of all, you won’t be hassled – everything is on your terms and at your pace.

Fill out the free vehicle quote form below, and within 48 hours New Vehicle Group will present you with the best price upfront first time around.

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