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Mahindra Thar.E concept is an extreme off-roader with electric power

A production version is expected by 2025

Mahindra has unveiled an interesting new concept at the Futurescape event in Cape Town, South Africa, called the Vision Thar.e concept. It rides on a new platform that accommodates a fully electric powertrain.

The Vision Thar.e is described by Mahindra as representing an “evolutionary leap” in design, and exploring the impossible. As you can see, the body is very bold and chunky, offering excellent approach and departure angles and huge ground clearance.

It is essentially an electric vision of the existing Thar off-roader, but it represents a clear focus on off-road capability as well as electric power.

Much of the concept has been specially crafted from an eco-minded point of view, with 50 per cent of the fabrics made from recycled PET and recycled plastics used in other areas.

Specifications on the powertrain haven’t been mentioned. Mahindra only says it uses a “cutting-edge high-performance AWD electric” system. It also rides on an electric platform known as the INGLO-P1. Speaking about the concept, Veejay Nakra, president at Mahindra Automotive, said:

“Aligned with the global movement towards responsible consumption, our focus on sustainable materials resonates with the broader shift towards being planet positive, ensuring that Thar.e is both timeless and timely.”

Mahindra is opening a new electric vehicle production plant early in 2024, and so it’s expected a production version of this concept could appear later that year.

Brett Davis

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