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2024 BMW M5 Touring wagon confirmed, hybrid power

In a surprise move, BMW M has confirmed it will be introducing a Touring wagon version of the upcoming 2024 BMW M5 high-performance machine. A teaser has been sent out for proof.

BMW has rarely offered a wagon version of its M5 over the generations. In fact, the last one was launched back in 2007 (in select markets only) and then before that in 1992. But we should have guessed it for the new model given the latest M3 Touring has been a hit since it was announced just last year.

Like the upcoming sedan, the 2024 M5 Touring will be powered by a “newly developed partially electrified drive system” likely comprising of a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8. We’ve already seen clues of this with the XM giant SUV.

In that, the system develops 480kW and 800Nm. However, the XM Label Red edition bumps that up to 550kW and 1000Nm. This could be the perfect candidate for the M5 Competition variant. BMW is yet to confirm.

At this stage BMW is only happy to tell us it is developing the new model and various prototypes are undergoing testing on country roads, motorways and race tracks. It says development will also take place on the Nurburgring. In a statement, BMW said:

“The integrated application of all drive and suspension systems will then also be carried out for the new BMW M5 Touring on the Nürburgring’s Nordschleife, among other places, with the aim of ensuring the ideal balance of sporting performance on the racetrack and superior ride comfort in everyday driving and over long distances.”

Further details are expected to trickle out over the coming months. BMW confirms the new M5 Touring will go on sale in 2024.


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