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    Kia Stinger GT420 concept shows track car potential

    Kia UK has put together a Stinger GT420 track car concept to showcase the potential of the sleek sports sedan fastback. It’s been engineered in partnership with Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Centre in Germany. Ever since the Kia Stinger was…

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    Kia Stinger GT switching to Michelin tyres in Australia

    The Kia Stinger is taking the sports car world by storm. However, there have been some discrepancies with driving enthusiasts and media over the tyre choice that Kia Australia went for. Overseas, the Kia Stinger GT comes with Michelin Pilot…

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    Kia Stinger police cars introduced for Queensland highway patrol

    The Commodore and Falcon highway patrol cars will soon cease to exist. So what’s going to replace them? Queensland has opted for the new Kia Stinger as a police car, which seems like a great candidate to us. Kia Australia…

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    Kia Stinger GT concepts show the tuning potential

    Kia is showing off the tuning and upgrade potential of the all-new Kia Stinger performance sedan at SEMA 2017, producing a couple of concepts with the help of aftermarket suppliers. The first, called the Stinger GT Federation, looks like it…

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