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  • Kia reviews2024 Kia EV9 GT-Line-grey

    2024 Kia EV9 GT-Line review (video)

    With the increased interest in electric cars, a growing chorus of Australians are pining for a fully-electric seven seater vehicle. So far, these calls have remained unheeded but for Kia, with the futuristic and revolutionary EV9 now in Australian showrooms.…

  • Kia

    2025 Kia EV9 GT performance model spied, price to top $130,000+

    Kia is working on a high-performance version of the fully electric EV9 7-seat SUV, set to adopt the GT name like the EV6 GT. And here we see the makings of such a model thanks to a new spy video.…

  • Kia2024 Kia EV9 in Australia

    2024 Kia EV9 arrives in Australia, on sale from $97,000

    The all-new Kia EV9 has landed in Australia, and comes in as a fully electric alternative to the Sorento. It also comes in as the most expensive Kia ever to hit the showrooms. Three main model grades are being introduced,…

  • Top 10

    Top 10 best SUVs coming to Australia in 2024 (video)

    It’s pretty obvious SUVs are the go-to vehicle type at the moment, covering every market segment from the humble run-around, to the practical family car, outright performance machine, to the more glamorous pose-mobile. We thought we take a look at…

  • Kia

    Kia EV9 arrives in Australia in October, local tuning complete

    The Kia EV9 will soon enter showrooms in Australia as the second dedicated fully electric model from the brand, following the EV6. And it’s a big boy. Think of it as like a Kia Sorento on steroids and with fully…

  • Kia

    Kia EV9 testing continues, gets innovative HVAC system

    Kia is busy working away on its interesting new EV9 fully electric large SUV, with engineers currently undergoing testing and calibration of its cabin climate system in extreme conditions. You see, the EV9 is effectively going to come in as…

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