GWM Tank 300

  • GWM reviews2024 GWM Tank 300-red

    2024 GWM Tank 300 Ultra review (video)

    The 2024 GWM Tank 300 lands in Australia with a 2155kg thud as a separate chassis off-roader with the novelty and appeal of a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen or Jeep Wrangler. Having to combine luxury, novelty and off-road ability means the Tank…

  • GWM2023 GWM Tank 300 braking test

    GWM Tank 300 fails braking test; rear wheels come off the ground (video)

    During Vbox testing of the 2023 GWM Tank 300 recently, we noticed the rear wheels leave the ground under heavy braking. In over 10 years of vehicle testing, we’ve never seen this before, let alone on a new production vehicle.…

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