Genesis GV80

  • Genesis reviews2024 Genesis GV80 3.0D-front grille

    2024 Genesis GV80 3.0D review (video)

    Just before the facelifted model comes along in a few months, with the new coupe variant, we thought we’d test the current Genesis GV80 one last time with the the 3.0D engine. Sadly, it looks like it’ll be the end…

  • Genesis

    Genesis unveils new GV80 Coupe for 2024, debuts e-S/C V6 turbo

    Genesis has unveiled the 2024 GV80 Coupe and the facelifted GV80 large SUVs, which will go on sale in Australia in the first half of next year. The 2024 GV80 introduces the first significant model change in over three years,…

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