• BMW

    2025 BMW M2 revealed; manual remains, now 353kW 3.0L inline-6

    BMW has unveiled some updates for the arrival of the 2025 M2 sports car, bringing in more power, revised options, as well as some light styling tweaks. Starting with the most exciting part, the engine. M has managed to bump…

  • BMW reviews

    2019 BMW M2 Competition review (video)

    There’s no doubt the new BMW M2 Competition is a driftmeister. But is that all it is? What about BMW’s renowned luxury and refined motoring? Is that still present? Why don’t we stop asking questions and just take a closer…

  • Top 10

    Top 10 best sports cars on sale in Australia in 2018

    Sports cars might not be the most popular vehicle segment, but some of the latest stuff that is coming out in Australia is highly tempting. According to VFACTS Australian car sales figures, all sports car segments combined attributed 27,311 sales…

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