BMW 7 Series

  • Top 10

    Top 10 best hearses / funeral cars

    Hearses are a strange phenomenon in the automotive world. An often purpose-built genre of motor vehicle, designed for carrying large wooden boxes with dead people inside them. Ok that’s a bit of a crass and blunt way of looking at…

  • BMW

    Most powerful electric BMW yet: i7 M70, confirmed for Australia

    What’s the most powerful fully electric BMW production car ever made? You’re looking at it. This is the new i7 M70 xDrive, and it comes in as not only one of the most luxurious models from the brand, it is…

  • Alpina

    BMW Canada creates ultra-cool Alpina B7 Exclusive Edition

    If you’re a fan of murdered-out VIP luxury sedans, then you’ll love the BMW Alpina B7 Exclusive Edition. The catch is that you can only have it if your national flag has a maple leaf on it. Based on the…

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