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2025 Audi Q5 / SQ5 spotted at Nurburgring with electric ‘e-tron’ version? (video)

Audi has been spotted testing its next-generation 2025 Q5 and SQ5 out on the Nurburgring in Germany, including what looks to be an e-tron fully electric version.

The current-generation Q5 has been around now since 2017 in essentially the same form, albeit with a facelift in 2021. It rides on Volkswagen Group’s fairly recent MLB Evo platform, and that is set to continue with this new generation model. As such, this next-gen version is set to be the last Q5 to feature a combustion engine.

An area that will be different though is the styling. It’s hard to tell from these prototypes, but speculations suggest the new model will borrow some styling cues from the Q4 e-tron, with its vertical-style corner vent clusters in the front end, and protruding front grille.

It seems Audi could be planning an ’S’ version of the e-tron fully electric version as well (pictured below), bringing in sporty touches to help it stand out from the regular e-tron.

We spotted all three on the Nurburgring recently, including an SQ5 complete with the trademark quad-outlet exhausts, as well as a similarly-dressed example but with no exhausts at the back – suggesting an e-tron S.

Powertrain details are yet to be uncovered, and it’s unclear if Audi will continue offering a petrol and a diesel offering, divided between different market regions. Our guess is Audi will drop the diesel from the SQ5, and simplify the combustion-engine range so it’s ready for Audi’s transition to electrification.

This leaves the existing 3.0-litre turbo V6 petrol on the cards. The unit currently produces 260kW, which is down compared with the 285kW BMW X3 M40i, and the 280kW Genesis GV70. It seems likely that Audi will tweak its V6 to help it keep up.

Inside is where we’ll see some big changes. Audi looks set to stick with a tablet-style infotainment system for the dash, only larger, and switch to a rectangular digital screen for the instrument cluster. Some innovative new functions are also likely.

The development program for the new Q5 and SQ5 is getting near the pointy end, so a full debut is expected very soon for the regular Q5, and by early next year for the SQ5 performance model. Check out our quick spy video below for more.

Brett Davis

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