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LEAKED: G90 BMW M5 rear end, reveals awkward diffuser & wider hips

New model will come powered by a twin-turbo V8 hybrid

The rear end design of the upcoming G90 BMW M5 appears to have been leaked online, showing off its new quad-pipe exhaust and diffuser for the first time.

A single image recently surfaced on BMW specialist website and forum, Bimmerpost, showing a finished example of the new model in what appears to be the production facility. The car looks to be complete and ready for the showroom.

The rear diffuser, in black, looks quite sharp and aggressive – and a bit awkward in our opinion – following BMW’s latest edgy styling theme, with an unusual triangular section running down the middle in body colour.

Quad circular exhaust pipes sit somewhat discreetly within deep pockets (ready for aftermarket tuning?), with new vertical-oriented reflectors sitting within indented sections of the rear bumper, perhaps accentuating the added width over the regular 5 Series.

A neat lip spoiler sits along the boot as per tradition, and there’s apparently a carbon fibre roof up top to help shed weight and keep the centre of gravity as low down as possible. The new model will be available in M5 Touring wagon form, but it’s unclear if it will get a carbon roof option.

It’s been widely reported that BMW M will infuse its new 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 hybrid into the G90 M5. A similar setup has already been launched with the XM large performance SUV. In that, power outputs stand at 480kW or 550kW and 1000Nm for the Label Red version.

The XM also offers plug-in recharge capability and an electric range of 83km in Label Red form. We heard some M5 prototypes on the Nurburgring first-hand a couple of months ago, and some were definitely driving in silent electric mode (see our spy video below).

A full debut is expected any day now, especially as this example looks to be fresh off the production line. A photo shoot will probably take place and then an official reveal. In the meantime, tell us what do you think of the design so far?

Brett Davis

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