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Ford unveils insane 800hp Mustang GTD track car, road legal

Nurburgring lap time of under 7min, full racing suspension conversion

Check out this Ford Mustang, called the GTD. It is the most hardcore track-focused Mustang ever made that’s also road legal. This is a driving enthusiast’s dream.

Described as being “engineered to go like hell”, the Mustang GTD features a unique wide body with all kinds of crazy vents and intakes over it, mostly made from carbon fibre. There’s also an optional aero package that further extends on the insane bodywork.

Power comes from a 5.2-litre supercharged V8 which runs a first-ever dry-sump lubrication system for a road legal Mustang. The engine revs to over 7500rpm and can feature a titanium exhaust system, which is sure to sound incredible.

Matched up to the mighty unit is a unique rear-mounted transaxle eight-speed dual-clutch transmission to help balance out the weight, with a carbon fibre drive shaft running down the middle.

Power figures haven’t been confirmed except Ford says it produces an “estimated 800hp” which translates to around 597kW. Mark Rushbrook, global director of Ford Performance Motorsports, said:

“We obsessed about the racing technology under its skin. What makes it go is even more compelling than what you can see when it passes you by. When you look at the engineering, the aerodynamics, how the powertrain works, the Mustang GTD is a rocketship for the road.”

The handling is drastically overhauled compared with the regular Mustang, with a new short-arm front end to provide increased lateral stiffness, and an integral-link pushrod rear end with inboard (coilover style) Adaptive Spool Valve dampers and springs laid out horizontally, in true racing form.

Braking performance comes courtesy of Brembo carbon ceramic brakes. These are hidden behind 20-inch forged aluminium wheels or optional magnesium items. They wear fat 325 tyres on the front and 345s on the back.

Is it quick around the circuit? Ford says the GTD will go around the Nurburgring in a target time of under 7 minutes. That’ll make it the quickest Mustang road car ever around that track.

The interior is completely overhauled as well, and in fact there is no boot as that now accommodates the pushrod rear suspension. Miko suede, leather and carbon fibre are featured throughout, with Recaro bucket seats for the passengers. The rear seats are deleted altogether.

Production of the GTD will commence in 2024 at Ford’s Flat Rock Assembly Plant in Detroit, before being sent over to Multimatic in Markham, Canada, to be finished off with racing parts. Prices will start from “approximately” US$300,000 and the first deliveries are set to feed in by early 2025.

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