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Aston Martin to debut new model at Pebble Beach; DB12 Volante or 2024 Vantage?

Both are expected to debut some time this year

Aston Martin has confirmed it will be unveiling a new model at the Concours d’Elegance event at Pebble Beach this year, although it has refrained from telling us what it is.

Most of the speculation around the web suggests the “world-first debut of a new model” will be the DB12 Volante. Almost-finished prototypes have been spotted on the Nurburgring recently, wearing only thin camouflage.

The DB12 coupe was unveiled earlier this year as the next-generation in the company’s long line of iconic grand tourers. Only now the company calls the new model a “super tourer” in that it offers a more sporting focus.

Power comes from an AMG-sourced 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 that produces 500kW and 800Nm, which is more than the old 5.2L V12. Acceleration from 0-100km/h is down to just 3.6 seconds, and the top speed is 325km/h.

For the Volante convertible we can expect slightly slower sprint times simply because it is likely to be a bit heavier than the coupe. This is due to extra reinforcements needed to keep body and platform strength up, like any drop-top.

The other model it could be is the facelifted 2024 Aston Martin Vantage. It is set to welcome in revised styling on the outside, and, more importantly, an overhauled interior with new tech, likely including a touch-screen instead of the ageing Mercedes-based system.

We spotted a prototype version out on the Nurburgring during our trip a couple of months ago, showing evidence of a new, more rounded front end with bigger headlights, and a convention bonnet section rather than the current clam-shell style setup. There’s also evidence of some new side gills and an updated rear diffuser with quad-outlet exhausts.

As you can hear in our quick spy video below, there is definitely a bellowing V8 under the bonnet. It’s understood Aston Martin is set to tweak this from the current 375kW output, to around 430kW.

Keeping in mind the AMG unit does produce up to 500kW in other applications, such as the DB12, so there is plenty of scope available. As quoted in a recent Autocar report, Aston Martin’s product and market strategy director, Alex Long, said:

“We’ll see in our sports car and GT range much more breadth and separation between one end and the other, where today they’re quite similarly positioned. We’ll see a much broader operating range.”

We’ll know more in a couple of weeks, with the Pebble Beach event running from August 18-20. Stay tuned.

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