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Ferrari KC23 unveiled as one-off creation based on 488 GT3 Evo

Check out this stunning one-off Ferrari. It’s called the KC23 and it’s based on the 488 GT3 ‘Evo 2020’ spec. We don’t know about you but we think Ferrari has truly returned to its roots in design here as this is just breathtaking.

The special creation is a one-off project designed by the Ferrari Styling Center, with Flavio Manzoni at the helm. It features the platform and twin-turbo V8 engine from the 488 GT3 racing car, while introducing a unique closed-wheel design that Ferrari says could give us a look into the future of motorsport.

Why the 488 GT3? Well, for starters it is Ferrari’s most successful track car in its 76-year history. Over the years it has scored over 530 victories and won more than 119 championships. Although the KC23 might look like a showpiece standing still, the body uses clever air intakes that open up during track driving.

Unlike the GT3, though, the KC23 has been designed from the outset with no homologation constraints, so it can be as radical as it is stunning. Ferrari says every single body line from the 488 donor car has been redesigned, including glass surfaces and the lights. Speaking about the car, Ferrari said:

“Given the extreme nature of its engine, chassis and suspension set-up, the KC23 was designed exclusively for non-competitive track use. Its most unusual feature is its dual configuration. At a standstill, the car’s layout showcases its clean, sleek, sinuous forms, but once it hits the track its visual stance is dominated by its impressive air intakes, which open automatically, and its imposing rear wing.”

Passengers are welcomed inside via a set of butterfly doors similar to those on the LaFerrari, while the cabin glasshouse structure remains largely unchanged from the 488. There are some changes to the interior compared with the GT3 racing car, with some Alcantara and luxury added to the dash and door cards, and there’s a video camera setup to provide rear visibility.

The overall package took over three years to develop, with regular feedback provided by the lucky client that commissioned the epic creation. Ferrari says the owner is one of its “leading collectors”.

It’ll make its public debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend, running from July 13-16. Following that, it will go on display at the Ferrari Museum from August to October.

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