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2024 Mitsubishi Triton previewed, “higher output” confirmed

First all-new model in about 9 years, rides on fresh ladder-frame chassis

The highly-demanding ute segment will soon welcome a brand new contender, with the 2024 Mitsubishi Triton. It’s scheduled to debut later this month.

Aside from sending out some teaser photos and a video, Mitsubishi has confirmed the 2024 Triton will come powered by a new engine that is described as a “clear diesel turbo” unit. No specs have been released yet, but Mitsubishi says:

“The newly developed clean diesel turbo engine has improved environmental performance by significantly reducing friction loss, while achieving higher output.”

With the current 2.4-litre turbo-diesel four-cylinder producing 133kW and 430Nm, we suspect the new engine will develop at around 150kW to meet the segment standards.

Drivers are also being promised “excellent” driving performance and “good ride comfort” thanks to a fresh ladder-frame chassis featuring a double-wishbone front end and leaf-sprung rear. With a live axle at the back, towing and payload capacities are expected to remain competitive, perhaps now meeting the 3500kg towing limit (current model is rated at 3100kg in auto form).

In the teaser video, Mitsubishi says the new model will be “more capable than ever”, while offering more performance. The company also says it has listened to its customers, suggesting plenty of user feedback has been poured into the development direction for the new model. In a statement, Yoshiki Masuda, chief product specialist at Mitsubishi Motors, said:

“In addition, we have interviewed various customers about their usages and needs, and have repeatedly conducted development tests to meet the demands of a vehicle that works in a harsh environment. We are confident that this model will satisfy all customers around the world, from leisure use to commercial use.”

The 2024 Triton will be officially unveiled on July 26, at 1pm (AEST). Click play below to check out the teaser video.

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