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Next-gen 2026 Toyota HiLux to get 2.4 turbo hybrid, 3.3 turbo-diesel V6?

Likely based on TNGA-F platform as with 300 Series, 2024 Lexus GX

With the 2024 Lexus GX spiking a lot of interest and questions mainly around the next-gen 2025 Toyota Prado, as it is basically a twin-under-the-skin, the more interesting side could be with its relationship with the next-gen 2026 Toyota HiLux.

The Prado has always been a bit separate from the HiLux compared with the Fortuner. The Fortuner is basically a HiLux with a wagon body and coil springs at the back, whereas the Prado usually includes some more distinguishing features and technologies.

However, the new GX got us thinking pretty hard. The Prado was one of the last vehicles in Toyota’s showroom not underpinned by a variation of the TNGA platform. With the new GX jumping to the TNGA-F configuration (like the 300 Series), it means the next-gen 2025 Prado is very likely to make the switch as well.

After the Prado, the HiLux will be one of the last remaining passenger-type vehicles – if not the last – still on a pre-TNGA setup. As far as we know the 2025-2026 HiLux will indeed move over to the TNGA, likely the same heavy-duty TNGA-F setup as the others, and the American Toyota Tacoma (pictured below – set to inspire the next-gen HiLux design).

This will probably mean the new HiLux will be bigger than ever before, especially for width and interior space and packaging, but it also means it will be capable of supporting hybrid powertrains. Will the 2026 HiLux be offered with a hybrid?

You bet. Toyota Australia has already said, in 2017, that “every model in the Toyota and Lexus lineup around the world will be available as either a dedicated electrified model or have an electrified option” by around 2025.

With the new GX, Lexus confirmed its 2.4-litre turbo-petrol hybrid will be available. This will likely come from the new but existing RX 500h F Sport, where it develops 273kW. Specs on the GX haven’t been released but our guess is it might be detuned slightly for the GX.

Enter the 2026 HiLux. There is a chance the next ute will be offered with the same package. After all, it is a relatively new unit, and Toyota/Lexus hasn’t really been known to develop bespoke engines which only end up being used in one or two models; look at the 2.8 turbo-diesel, it’s available in almost everything.

As for the twin-turbo V6 also confirmed for the new GX? Well, it might be presented in the 2025 Prado but since the TNGA-F supports the 3.3-litre turbo-diesel V6 in the 300 Series, that might be a more viable option for the Prado considering diesels are more popular for that nameplate, especially in Australia.

Again, if the Prado gets it there shouldn’t be many reasons why the next-gen HiLux won’t get it, too. At least in select markets. If Toyota does introduce the next-gen HiLux with a 3.5 twin-turbo V6 it’ll compete nicely against the Ford Ranger Raptor. And if the 2.4 turbo hybrid is presented it’ll certainly set new standards in the ute class. The 3.3 turbo-diesel would also be a very handy option against the Ford Ranger V6 diesel.

Toyota is always very conservative and discreet when it comes to the subject of new models, especially big ones like the LandCruiser and HiLux. In that sense, it’s no surprise that Toyota is yet to officially confirm any of this, or anything at all regarding the new Prado and HiLux. The new models are expected to arrive by around 2025 and by 2026, respectively.


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