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Volvo EX30 confirmed as new small SUV, debuts June 7

Volvo has confirmed its next-gen small SUV called the EX30 will make its global debut on June 7. A poorly-lit teaser image has been handed out to build some excitement.

The teaser image doesn’t show much, but, luckily, some patent images have just surfaced which give us a pretty clear look. Judging by the images, the EX30 takes plenty of design cues from the EX90 large SUV, which was probably always going to be a good guess.

The front end incorporates a slightly pointed nose with headlights that stretch inwards, and then you may notice the lack of a front grille. This is because the EX30 will be a fully electric vehicle only, slotting in below the XC40 and C40 Recharge.

Around at the back the C-shaped taillights join in the middle to follow the full-width trend going on at the moment, while the doors appear to feature an indent section along the bottom half like on the current XC40. Taking a look at rear door windows, which rise toward the back, gives you some idea that this will be a smaller SUV than the XC40.

According to a Motor1 report, the EX30 will be underpinned by Geely’s Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA). Polestar will apparently being offering a small crossover on this platform as well, sitting next to this EX30. The platform supports both single- and twin-motor setups, with rear- and all-wheel drive.

Specifics on the battery and power outputs and all of that are yet to be uncovered. But we will know all come June 7. It’ll go on sale in Australia later this year.


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