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McLaren confirms next-gen V8, renewed deal with Ricardo engine supplier

McLaren has signed a new deal with engine supplier Ricardo to secure next-generation V8 powertrains for future supercars, as part of a new long-term investment.

The next-gen V8 engine will be designed in-house at McLaren but built by Ricardo, like the existing twin-turbo V6 and V8 units in the showroom. Its next-generation unit will power future McLaren supercars as part of a ‘Future of Performance’ strategy. Graham Ritchie, CEO at Ricardo, said:

“We are extremely pleased to have concluded this new engine supply agreement with McLaren Automotive for their next generation high-performance V8 powertrain, which extends the long-term relationship between both companies into the next decade.”

Ricardo has been supplying powertrains for McLaren since it introduced its first series production car with the 12C back in 2011. So far it has made around 34,000 units for McLaren at its power plant (see what we did there) in England.

Going forward, the new agreement will see Ricardo supply hybrid and non-hybrid units as part of additional investments at its facility, where over 100 staff including engineers and technicians produce the high-performance units. Michael Leiters, CEO at McLaren Automotive, said:

“This new agreement with Ricardo is, therefore, an important part of our ‘Future of Performance’ strategy and builds on the enduring relationship between the two British companies, providing a boost for jobs and ensuring increased investment in what is a vitally important domestic engineering supply chain for future technologies.”

McLaren hasn’t mentioned any new supercar models specifically that will receive the next-gen V8, however, it has just launched the new 750S that features a tweaked version of the 720S’s 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8.


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