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Ferrari ‘F80’ LaFerrari successor spied, codenamed F250 (video)

Remember the insane Ferrari LaFerrari? A successor is set to be in the works, with this prototype recently spotted near the company’s headquarters giving out all kinds of hypercar clues.

It’s believed Ferrari is working on the next anniversary special, which started out with the F40 back in 1987. The F40 was a tribute to help celebrate the company’s 40th anniversary. And then the F50 did the same (although the dates became a bit muddled up), as with the Enzo, and LaFerrari. These were all subsequent birthday presents.

Given that it has been 10 years this year since the LaFerrari first went into production (hard to believe it has gone that quick), it makes sense that an ‘F80’ model could be on the cards for the near future.

A prototype was recently spotted near Ferrari’s home by YouTuber Varryx, and it shows all the telltale signs of a flagship Ferrari. It is apparently known as the F250 (codename), and it reveals a low-slung body and very long and drawn-back engine compartment.

There is a bit of a mix and match system of parts going on, as per typical of a prototype, with what appears to be headlights from the 296 and the cabin glasshouse of the LaFerrari. The massive wing at the back is just proof it means business.

Details regarding the powertrain are unknown, but that lightning bolt warning sticker on the side confirms it does feature some kind of hybrid-electric system. Some rumours suggest it will include a V12 engine paired with an electric motor, while others think it will switch to a V8.

Judging by the sound in the video, it seems very deep to us, perhaps hinting at extensive rotating mass; a V12. It also seems to accelerate very smoothly, which is characteristic of a 12 cylinder rather than a burbling V8.

Total power output is likely to be somewhere around the 1200PS mark (883kW), especially considering the predecessor, the LaFerrari, with its V12 hybrid, developed 963PS (708kW).

Word on the street is Ferrari is planning a special preview of the new model for its most important clients some time in October, however, Ferrari is yet to officially announce any plans. Take a look at the video below for your own little private preview.


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