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Lamborghini Aventador S gets wicked street art by Skyler Grey

It takes guts to throw paint at a brand new Lamborghini Aventador S, but that’s exactly what’s happened here. Lamborghini has teamed up with American artist Skyler Grey to create a one-off art display for the Monterey Car Week event.

The Aventador S features a special paintwork which involved a painstaking creative process that lasted almost a year. Although the Aventador could be regarded as a work of art as it is, Skyler Grey applied a unique theme using techniques derived from his famous street art.

Airbrushing, spray guys, rollers, and stencils were used to create the work in his typical pop style with lots of orange and yellow. Grey started with the Aventador’s Arancio Atlas orange base colour, and applied his interpretation of the Lamborghini raging bull emblem.

Bold and irregular brushstrokes were applied in yellow, dark orange and white, while splashes of colour are scattered in between using a drip painting technique. This is also animated by depictions of bulls running along the sides, almost as if they are storming out from the side intakes. As with any artwork, Skyler Grey’s signature is drawn on the body with his trademark lightning bolt across the top.

Some of the interior is also personalised, with the rear panel showcasing an embroidered image of a cartoon bull. Although this artwork was the design of Grey, the embroidery work was carried out by Lamborghini’s upholstery specialists.

The unique car is part of a pilot project called “Lamborghini Sicura”, which has been set up with Salesforce and aims to protect the car as an official work of art. This involves an authenticity certification process, which includes implementing Salesforce Blockchain technology to guarantee data security.

As you can probably imagine, the car will live on as a proper work of art, not that it isn’t already. This means it will likely go up and up in value over time. Unfortunately for those interested in purchasing it now, an art collector has already done so. Katia Bassi, chief marketing & communication officer of Automobili Lamborghini, said:

“Because of the affinity we feel with the world of art, we wanted to experiment with a new creative approach, entrusting Skyler Grey with the interpretation of a car that is already itself a work of art. It is a project connected with our new paint shop in Sant’Agata Bolognese, a place where technology and art meet and where our specialists are tasked with turning our customers’ dreams into reality, in the search for aesthetic perfection.”

Art fans can check out the Skyler Grey spec Lamborghini Aventador S at the Lamborghini Lounge during Monterey Car Week, at Pebble Beach Golf Course. It runs from August 15-18.


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