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G20 BMW 3 Series showcased with full M Performance options

Have you been wondering what BMW’s M Performance sub-brand will come up with for the all-new G20 BMW 3 Series? Wonder no more. The biggest BMW dealership in the world, located in Abu Dhabi, has just packaged together many of the possibilities for you.

The G20 3 Series only just went on sale in Australia. It’s available in two forms so far; the 320d and the 330i. But, if you want something more exclusive, and something with a bit more pizazz, but you can’t wait for the next M3, BMW M Performance has more than a few goodies in store for you.

This show car demonstrates the factory upgrade possibilities, using a 330i as the foundation. Almost every area of the sedan is enhanced with M Performance kit. At the front is a pair of black grilles complete with BMW M colours on one side. A lower and deeper front bumper bar is also used, with carbon fibre winglets at the corners.

For the sides there’s a set of 20-inch Y-spoke alloy wheels finished in Ferric Grey and matt black, with some carbon fibre mirror caps to match the front spoiler. A set of bespoke side skirts complete the profile, featuring race-like cutaways towards the front of the car.

Around at the back is where things look even more exciting. M Performance has devised a unique bumper bar insert with a subtle diffuser in the middle, supported by greyed-out sections that surround the exhaust outlets. Up top is a tidy lip spoiler for the boot lid.

It doesn’t look like there are many other enhancements. The interior, for example, looks relatively untouched, featuring the M Sport steering wheel, black leather sports seats, and some textured carbon-like silver decorative trim for the console and dash. The only other obvious touch is the eye-bursting Sunset Orange metallic paint finish for the body.

As mentioned, the new G20 3 Series is on sale in Australia now. Prices start at $67,900 for the 140kW/400Nm 320d, and from $70,900 for the 190kW/400Nm 330i (before on-roads). We suspect these M Performance parts will be available here very soon, if not already.


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