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Ouch: Big McLaren Senna crash, 1 of only 500 made

What’s this? Someone with more money than driving skills seems to have crashed a spanking new McLaren Senna already. The sad sight took place in the Essex, UK, recently, and fortunately nobody was injured.

Details on the official cause are yet to be reported, but so far media says the Senna ploughing into another car, leaving it on its side. A third vehicle was also involved as the cars bounced around. According to a report by The Sun in the UK, an ambulance was called to the scene but nobody was seriously injured.

The McLaren Senna is the mack daddy of McLaren’s current showroom. It’s the most serious track weapon it offers, and one of the fastest (before the Speedtail officially hits the scene). It’s made from very strong carbon fibre, so it’s light (1198kg) and rigid, and is powered by a 589kW twin-turbo V8. In other words, a bullet with wheels.

With a super-strong carbon fibre chassis/tub, the aftermath looks a bit like an F1 car that has just been involved in a crash; the fiddly attached bits are torn clear off the car while the main structure remains unscathed.

It’s no wonder, spearing down a road, it flipped another car onto its side. It would have been like a door wedge driving down the road. Add some speed to the equation and disaster is bound to occur.

Considering the Senna retailed from £750,000, it’s definitely going to be a sad day for the owner. The driver’s ego must be quite badly damaged too, especially as the car was apparently on its way to a car event to be exhibited.

To rub even more salt into the wound, McLaren only intended to make just 500 examples of the Senna, and this one will need some extensive repair work before it lives to see another day.


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