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Paul Stephens Porsche 911 Le Mans Classic Clubsport: 10 up for sale

When it comes to pure driver’s cars, a classic Porsche 911 is hard to walk past. As is the case with this awesome Porsche 911 Le Mans Classic Clubsport, by Porsche specialist Paul Stephens.

It’s based on an original 930-shape 911 only it has been completely overhauled with some modern tech in the right areas, and plenty of weight optimisation in others. It is the perfect car to head out for a long drive on a Sunday, or to hit the track during an event.

Behind the cabin is a 3.4-litre flat-six engine. Air-cooled, the traditional way, with a custom ECU mapping, lightweight conrods, lightweight crank and flywheel, and RS-spec cams. This unit is matched to a five-speed G50 manual gearbox by Getrag.

According to the specs, the screaming six produces around 224kW. In a lightweight vehicle like this, with a kerb weight as low as 970kg, it’s no wonder 0-60mph comes up in as little as 4.4 seconds. The top speed is rated at over 175mph (282km/h). There’s also a limited-slip differential for fun times on the track.

Check out the immaculate body. It’s featured here with subtle racing stripes over the top in green and black. The bumper bars and engine cover are made from lightweight composites, while the bonnet is aluminium. Up on the roof the sunroof is deleted to save weight, and at the back you’ve got a traditional ducktail wing.

Paul Stephens is offering 10 of these classics up for sale, including a Touring specification and a Lightweight. The Lightweight version uses special carpets, removed sound-proofing, Lexan windows, manual windows, no central locking, and rigid seat frames. The Lightweight stands at 970kg and the regular is 1075kg. That’s a pretty impressive weight saving.

The Porsche 911 Le Mans Classic Clubsport made its debut at the Le Mans Classic event at the famous Circuit de la Sarthe in France recently. Interested? Of course you are. We are. Prices start at about £250,000 though, according to an Auto Classics report. Hmm, it’s either this or one of those drool-inducing Singer Design Porsches. What do you think?


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