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Must-see: 1962 Monaco Grand Prix video remastered in spectacular glory

Turn off your television, grab your best set of earphones and just get a load of this remarkable footage of the 1962 Monaco Grand Prix.

The phrase ‘Golden Era of (insert sport)’ is so hackneyed and beaten to death, that it has lost all meaning – not to mention in the context of Formula 1, where there are so many “Golden Eras” to choose from. We think, though, that this little pocket of time captured so superbly has gotta be up there at the pointy end. Sure, there was true technical innovation a decade away, with six-wheelers, fans and other wacky doodads, but there is something raw and romantic about these particular, cigar-shaped screamers.

The list of drivers is bursting with hall-of-famers. Bruce McLaren, Phill Hill, Graham Hill, our own Jack Brabham, Jim Clark, Dan Gurney and many more – all in one race – and we haven’t even started talking about the vehicles. The open-wheelers are bereft of any downforce-adding wings, electronics or safety equipment – not even a seat belt. Just high octane and balls of steel. Rudimentary bias-ply tyres wail against the apexes of some of the most beautiful scenery ever to be raced upon.

What is more striking is the quality of footage. Remember this is a time when use of the words GoPro or HD would’ve drawn very blank and very groovy 1960s stares. Sure it might’ve been retouched, but the quality of footage defies its vintage. Anyway, no need for further words as none could do justice to the masterpiece below.

Mitchell Jones

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