Following the launch of the crackling Hyundai i30 N, Hyundai has now unveiled its new N Line trimming package. Initially, it is being launching for the i30 but similar packs are set to be offered for other models in the showroom later down the track.

The Hyundai i30 N Line is for those who want the sporty garnishes of the fully fledged i30 N but don’t want the gnarly performance. For the exterior there’s a neat aero kit with bespoke front and rear bumpers, designed exclusively for N Line, with silver details.

A set of 18-inch alloy wheels are added, which is the first time this size is being offered for the regular five-door i30. Around at the back is a new twin muffler system, and back at the front is a discreet N Line badge to let everyone know what it is.

It doesn’t stop there. Hyundai has also given the interior a makeover with some N-branded suede sports seats, with a perforated leather wrapping of the sports steering wheel. An N Line gear shifter gives the driver some added excitement when driving.

Some minor work is done on the hardware of the car as well to improve the driving dynamics. There’s a set of PS4 Michelin tyres, and bigger 16-inch brakes compared with the regular 15-inch items. All of this comes with the overseas 1.4-litre turbo engine that produces 103kW. Speaking about the enhancements, Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, VP of marketing at Hyundai Motor Europe, said:

“Our i30 N has been hugely successful since launch, showcasing our capabilities in high-performance engineering and emotionalising our brand with its fun-to-drive factor. Now we are extending that feeling to a wider audience with the new i30 N Line. We believe the comprehensive package of design and engineering enhancements will continue to attract more new customers to the Hyundai brand in Europe.”

Hyundai says it is planning to introduce similar packages for other models in the showroom, although details on what vehicles exactly are yet to be confirmed. We’d anticipate kits for the popular Tucson, Kona and even the Santa Fe. Hyundai Australia is yet to confirm any local details.

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