The Mercedes-Benz X-Class has taken the humble dual-cab ute into new territory, applying a premium edge to a formerly utilitarian workhorse. The three-pointed star has, however, stopped short of Mercedes-AMG or Mercedes-Maybach versions.

Carlex Design’s new Yachting Edition gives us perhaps the best idea of how the latter might look. Polish firm Carlex Design are well-known for more-often-than-not tasteful enhancements of various cars. Previous recipients of the Carlex treatment include BMW X6, Ford Mustang, McLaren 720S, Ferrari 488 GTB, Fiat 126p and even the X-Class’s arch-rival, the VW Amarok.

The vehicle features many prominent body additions, such as fat wheel arch flares, a carbon-fibre bodykit, new bumpers at the front and rear, Yachting Edition decals, custom sports bar, carbon-fibre mirror caps, teak tray lining and a contrasting paint scheme of Porcelain White and Chocolate Brown. If the wheels look familiar, that’s because they are pinched from the Mercedes-Maybach S 650 Cabriolet.

The inner-sanctum has been treated to some new Recaro Sportster front seats, with leather throughout the interior trimmed to match the two-tone theme of the outside. Priced from €105,000 (about AU$166,000), all of these flashy extras don’t come cheap, but then who can put a price on having the most glamorous and luxurious ute money can buy?

If last week’s report of a V8 X-Class comes to fruition, it will also have the powerplant to match its plutocratic looks. What do you think of this lusciously-indulgent creation by Carlex Design? Let us know if you’re a fan or not by commenting below. And check out the video below for more of a look.

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