Sometimes cars just set astonishing quarter-mile times that, looking at them, you would never in a million years expect them to achieve. Such is the case with this Boba-Motoring VW Golf Mk2 which has just broken the record for a DSG AWD vehicle.

Front-drive hatchbacks in particular are not the first choice if a drag racer wants to head into the 8.0-second realm. Big cubes, rear drive and slicks are usually the preferred formula, but where there’s a will there’s a way. There’s actually quite a lot of front-drive drag cars out there, most notably Hondas, but this originally front-drive Golf Mk2 has been converted to AWD, and treated to a drivetrain from a Golf R of several generations forward.

At a recent drag event this crazy creation ran 8.76 seconds, setting the record for a DSG Golf. The black sleeper was clocked at 267.9km/h (166mph), but there are plenty of hardware upgrades to get it there.

Starting with the engine, the 2.0-litre 16-valve unit was introduced to an Extreme Tuners mega turbocharger, a CNC-ported cylinder head by NG-Motorsports and a heavily reinforced dual-clutch DQ250 DSG gearbox. Power levels are rated at 1233ps (907kW), which, when propelling only 1220kg, is a recipe for pure, unrestrained tarmac violence.

The top speed is said to be more than 340km/h, if you have the melons to push the 1980s-era structure to the triple tonne. In any case, check out the video below to see this scarcely-believable Boba-Motoring VW Golf Mk2 doing its thing.

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